Cloud Security


Please click on the Cloud Computing video to learn more about how cloud computing works and the benefits of using our Cloud-Based Document Management System, Touchstone. Security and privacy are important to us. You know how your data is stored and how we help to secure it. All with one simple secure login, have access to your data, anywhere, at any time. Have you explored the cloud?

CLICK HERE to learn more about Microsoft Azure Trust Center: Security

  • We work to keep your data safe
  • You own and control your own data


Microsoft Azure Trust And Security

Protec Solutions, LLC uses Microsoft Azure Security, well known in security standards, to back up, store and monitor "The Cloud" in which Touchstone™ operates. To keep your data safe, we utilize many of Microsoft Azure's key security features like:

  • Continuous Assessment and Security Improvements
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Azure Managed Encryption Keys
  • Geo Replication
  • Network Security
  • Threat Management and Penetration Testing